Basic Rules


  • Two referees per game.
  • Each team has 4 players, including the goalie.  Coaches may opt for 5v5 if agreed on before the start of each game.
  • There is no 6-second possession call on goalie
  • In the case of a “bad” throw-in, the throwing team shall be given a re-throw.
  • If the re-throw is “bad”, the ball shall be awarded to the other team for a throw-in.
  • A hand ball will not be called unless it is intentional and is meant to gain an advantage or change the direction of the ball.
  • A penalty kick will not be awarded unless the foul is blatant and was committed in the penalty box. Obstruction or dangerous play will be called instead and the game will be restarted with an indirect kick.
  • No touching of the goalie will be allowed.
  • Keep the players on their feet and discourage the use of slide tackles.
  • There are 4 quarters of 10 minutes each.
  • Teams alternate kickoffs each quarter.
  • Teams may substitute only on their possession during a stoppage of play.
  • Ball size is 3

Updated: 3/23/2015