Basic Rules


Before the referees call for captains, the coaches should check their players for the following:

  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • Shin guards must be worn and covered with socks.
  • Shoes must not have sharp spikes (sneakers are ok).
  • Jewelry shall not be worn; this includes hair barrettes and earrings.
  • Hooded sweatshirts must be tucked into the shirt (the hood may not hang out).

During the game, the major concern of the referees is the safety of all players. If a situation arises where the referee feels a player’s safety is at risk, they will be sent to the bench. One such case is a player with a cast on their arm, etc…

Basic Rules


  • Players must wear the PYSA jerseys at games. These black and gold reversible shirts for grades K-6 are meant to be used throughout the K-6 years, so order a size with room to grow. Grades 7-12 wear a different style jersey.
  • Soccer should be fun for everyone – the players, the spectators, the coaches, and the officials. It is the referee’s responsibility to ensure this. He must be supported by the others.
  • After pre-game check in, the referee will call for captains. The team that wins the toss gets to receive. Their only choice is which end of the field do they want. If they do not have a coin, they will have players guess odd or even for fingers behind their back. The other team gets to decide what end they are defending.
  • Parents must sit on the opposite side of the field from the players and are to make sure all litter is picked up from both sides of the field after the game.
  • Players should hold the centerline at kickoff, a step or two is not a big deal, but if somebody is 10 yards downfield, the referee will redo the kickoff.
  • Please try to keep the players on their feet and discourage the use of slide tackles. Young children watch professionals slide tackle on television and think they can do it as well. Please instruct your players that this is something they should not do.
  • Girls can fold their arms across their chest to avoid injury as long as they are not attempting to change the direction of the ball. If this is the case, call a handball.
  • If the score of a game gets out of hand (5+ goals), the coach of the dominant team needs to do something to stop scoring in the name of sportsmanship.